The basic concepts and tools for size-based methods have been developed in the past decades and there is now a move towards developing practical applications. The event would cover size-based methods for statistical estimation, empirical analysis of size distributions, and simulation models of the ecology and evolution of single stocks and entire communities.

The mini-symposium would provide a venue for the groups who work on size-based methods to meet and discuss new ideas and approaches and to explore the possibility of developing a common set of approaches and tools. It is our vision that this event should lay the foundation of a loosely defined but coordinated group of people working with the application of size-based method to fish communities.

The concept is a mini-symposium/work-shop that combines talks and working groups. We expect no more than 10-20 people, and an informal atmosphere at DTU Aqua, Charlottenlund, Denmark.

The event starts June 2nd at 9 am, and finishes June 3rd in the afternoon.


Ken Haste Andersen

Keith Farnsworth

Nis Sand Jacobsen

Lise Marty

Jennifer Houle

23 NOVEMBER 2017